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Law and Government Electives

Vanderbilt Law students are introduced to a range of Law and Government topics through the required Regulatory State class during their 1L year. A full range of upper-level classes are taught by renowned public law faculty, including experts in administrative law, federalism, civil liberties, land use, local government, and many substantive areas of regulation, such as health and safety regulation.

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Public Governance Seminar: Interest Groups Revisited

This seminar will examine the problem of interest groups and their influence on federal law in the United States.  From the time of our Founding, the nation has wrestled with the problem of understanding and containing interest group influence on legislation, executive branch decision-making and administrative agencies.  This examination is particularly timely today given the high-levels of distrust of government institutions and sense of government capture. The goals of the course are to gain a historical, theoretical, and empirical understanding of the fundamental problems interest groups pose for government, the legal and institutional mechanisms developed as responses to these pressures, and an overview specific contemporary interest group problems.

The Spring 2017 seminar features the following outside speakers: