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ILSP Faculty

Full Time Faculty

Wuerth Ingrid

Ingrid Brunk Wuerth, Director - Expertise: International law, foreign relations law, international litigation, civil procedure, the German Constitution

Gervais Daniel

Daniel Gervais - Expertise: International intellectual property law

Professor Timothy Meyer

Timothy Meyer - Interaction of international and local rules on energy subsidies, the role of science in international lawmaking, the relationship between international energy institutions and climate change institutions, the codification of customary international law, and the creation of non-binding "soft law" obligations rather than binding treaty obligations

Newton Michael

Michael Newton , former Senior Advisor to the United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes - Expertise: International humanitarian law, international criminal law, special tribunals, terrorism/counterterrorism and national security law

Stiaraman Ganesh

Ganesh Sitaraman , former Public Law Fellow at Harvard Law School. Expertise: foreign relations law, international law, the separation of powers and institutional design.

Yadav Yesha

Yesha Yadav , former legal counsel at World Bank. Expertise: International banking and financial regulation, securities regulation, the law of money and payment systems, bankruptcy

 Affiliated Faculty 

Ackerman-Lieberman Phillip

Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman - Expertise: Rabbinic literature and Jewish law (secondary faculty member from the Vanderbilt Department of Jewish Studies)

Martin Will

Will Martin - Expertise: International environmental law (Adjunct Professor of Law)